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Company Profile
Qingdao Best New Material Co. Ltd., founded in 2014, is located in Qingdao National Hi-tech Industry Development Zone. Our company is one of the key hi-new-tech supporting enterprise by the Qingdao government. We are engaged in the research and exploitation of innovative functional polymer including high-performance composite material, functional master batch and color masterbatch, and the production capacity is above 10, 000 tons per year. Till now our company has become one of the preferred cooperation new material achievements hatching and OEM with many science and technology innovation enterprises at home and abroad. We have won a good reputation by providing comprehensive development plan, the best service, and stable quality for customers. Our company has perfect ISO9001 quality management system certification with strict quality control and modern and dust-free workshop according to international standards. The company has bulk-production capacity of high-transparency and clean color masterbatch and high quality modified materials. We have complete testing equipments including small and medium size extrusion testing machine, mechanical properties testing module, enclosed-type combustion test box, color-matching instrument, rheometer and so on. We can customize formula according to customers' requirement and provide dabble speculation, bench scale test and industrial manufacture service. Now our high quality products are applied to the field of home appliances, vehicles, fibers, films, pipes, profiles, ed ucation, medical, and model design.
Major partner customers
The main cooperation customers are: Haier, Hisense, Midea, Gree and many other companies.
Major partner customers
Major products:dyed ABS/PS/PMMA/AS/PC/PP/TPE/TPU;Glass fiber reinforce PP/PC、flame-retardant glass fiber nylon、modified PBT、weather-proof ASA、 flame-retardant PC、free-spraying masterbatch and other products.These products can satisfy a variety of products of customers.The engineering plastic particles are customized according to requirements of customer.plastic particles could process into the dyed plastic particles which have the function of flame retardant、antibacteria、matt、photodiffusion、weather resistant.
Tel.: 0532-55677835 / 153767226178
Address: No. 34, Siyuan Road, Chengyang high tech Zone, Qingdao
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