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color masterbatch real operation problem

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The base materials for masterbatch are general or specified.

Qingdao Best new materials, as a masterbatch production experience manufacturers, 6 years came all the way, contact the masterbatch industry a variety of characters and problems in color masterbatch production development and customization aspects have very good precipitation, now will we collect some information about the common field problems in the process of masterbatch production and solve the answer to share with everyone, hope that we can progress together. 

1.Q:The antioxidant used in the masterbatch seems to be very few, do you do the weathering masterbatch?


The base materials for masterbatch are general or specified.

The material that makes base material wants to have very good processing sex and heat stability commonly.General base material in PE and EVA with more, also useful PP and PvC;The ABS color master should be the body;The SAN generally USES little ontology and costs a lot.Wax without carrier;If you do chemical fiber master, there is no general base material, the need to specify the base material, other base material will have a great impact on the strength of the silk.

The advantage of universal color masterbatch is convenient to use, but its disadvantage is that the scope of "universal" is very narrow, technical indicators, economic benefits are also poor, specific performance in:

● shader effect of poor predictability.Color masterbatch is used for coloring, general color masterbatch pigment in different plastic will present different colors, so the prediction of coloring effect is poor;

● other properties of plastic products.In particular, it affects the strength. The product is prone to deformation and distortion, and the influence on engineering plastics is more obvious.

● costs are relatively high.In order to be "universal", the general color master often chooses the pigment with higher heat resistance level, resulting in waste.

● from the point of view of the performance of the product, it is best to do what material to use the same material as the base material, so compatibility is good, but each manufacturer is not possible to do their own masterbatch, that is also very troublesome.So generally want to see how to the performance requirements, high requirements with the same base material, not high requirements can use general base material.

2.Q:What are the additives that improve the compatibility of masterbatch and other resins?How does it work?


Compatible additives for masterbatch and resin are:

The coupling agent.The two ends react with pigment and resin respectively, and the pigment resin is connected by chemical bond.

Compatibilizer.One end is compatible with pigment and the other end is compatible with resin. Intermolecular interactions are similar to the oil-hydrophilic principle of detergents.

Tegonler;It has the function of compatibilizer and a lubricating main chain.

In addition, it can be considered to directly use compatibilizer as the color master carrier resin, such as ethylene - acrylate copolymer, its PE, PS, PP, PP and other good compatibility.

3.Q: Add white mother 14%, fill 20%, blow film, die mouth always has paste to affect stability, what method can solve?


The causes and solutions of the problem are as follows:

Master material precipitation.The component in the base material and the main material compatibility is not good, to change a good base material compatibility with the raw material, carrier resin compatibility is very important;

White base material or filler contains too many low molecular matter, such as PE wax, poor compatibility is low relative molecular mass low melting point material easy to overflow, degradation, add compatibilizer has a certain effect, add PPA can improve the die stock;

The proportion of filling is not necessary to be so high. The limit of white masterbatch is 10%. If 20% is filled, 5% 1% 6% white masterbatch should be enough, and the maximum amount should be increased to 8%.If not, you have to change the color and filler.



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