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The function of electret mastermind in masks

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Medical grade electret masterbatch for the medical mask

What are the electret masterbatches? First, let me introduce them to you:

In our daily life, masks are divided into two categories: ordinary dustproof industrial masks (excluding the polar layer) and medical masks (including the polar layer and generally in the middle layer of the mask).Only medical masks have the function of virus protection. Medical masks mainly include N95 medical protective masks, medical surgical masks and ordinary medical masks.

For medical masks, they are generally divided into three layers: the first layer is a waterproof and sterilizing layer, the second layer is a filtering electret layer, and the third layer is a water-absorbing and skin-friendly layer.The main function of virus filtration for masks is the extremely fine and static medium filter cloth - melt - spray non - woven cloth.

The second layer (intermediate layer) is the core part of the electret molten spray with electret masterbatch and electret high voltage treatment.The molten spray has electric charge only after the electret treatment, so that the same charge of 0.3 micron virus particles can have efficient adsorption effect.And to store this static electricity, you have to have a material composition and a structure that allows the electret to be good for charge retention.The addition of electret masterbatch plays an important role in electrostatic storage and charge retention.

The magic point is that adding a small amount of electret masterbatch can increase the density and depth of the charge trapping energy trap in the melt-sprayed nonwoven fabric, effectively release negative ions and storage charge, and improve the comprehensive filtration efficiency and thermal attenuation performance of melt-sprayed nonwoven fabric.Make it in the same fiber fineness and gram weight, reduce the resistance of non-woven products, and improve the filter efficiency of non-woven products.