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Haier COSMOPlat And Qingdao Best New Material Work Together again

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On September 16, the unveiling ceremony of application demonstration enterprise, COSMOPlat was held in Haier cloud Valley, and Qingdao New Material Co.,Ltd  and COSMOPlat successfully joined hands again!

COS is the first industrial Internet platform in the world to introduce users' whole process participation experience. It creates modular and cloud based product matrix of seven modules, namely interactive customization, open innovation, precision marketing, module procurement, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics and intelligent service, practices mass customization mode and continuously empowers enterprises.

In the era of the Internet of things, in this rapidly changing world, enterprises are faced with constantly upgrading user needs and new challenges, and urgently need to seek new life. Cosmoplat breeds new species under the "person and order merge together" mode and helps enterprises transform and upgrade in chaos.

In the future, with the advantages of cutting-edge technology and leading industrial Internet platform, Cosmoplat will enable digital transformation of enterprises in industry, technology, resources and other aspects. On the basis of building haidaxing platform application demonstration enterprise, it will speed up the output of digital solutions for new materials, enable the rapid development of Qingdao Best New Material Co.,Ltd, and enable new materials industrial enterprises Economic transformation and upgrading, high-quality development.

In the next step, our company will use the industrial Internet enabled by Cosmoplat to promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing and service in an all-round and deep level, accelerate the output of digital solutions for new materials, and make more value-added sharing in the field of functional masterbatch!